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Intelligent integrated gas turbine flowmeter, natural gas flowmeter

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  I. Overview

系列气体智能涡轮流量计是我公司按照GB/T18940-2003标准并结合国内外流量仪表先进技术而研制开发的集温度、压力、流量传感器和智能流量积算仪于一体的新一代高精度、高可靠性的精密计量仪表,它出色的低压和高压计量性能,多种信号输出方式以及对流体扰动的低敏感性,使得DC-LWQ系列流量计成为一种特别的能准确计量气体累积量的商业贸易计量仪表。 The DC-LWQ series gas intelligent turbine flowmeter is a new generation of high-temperature, pressure, flow sensor and intelligent flow totalizer developed by our company in accordance with GB / T18940-2003 standard and combining advanced technology of domestic and foreign flow meters Precision, high-reliability precision metering instrument, its excellent low- and high-pressure metering performance, multiple signal output methods, and low sensitivity to fluid disturbances, make the DC-LWQ series flowmeters a special type that can accurately measure gas accumulation Volume of commercial trade measuring instruments.

This flow meter is widely used in: urban pipeline (network) gas measurement, industrial gas measurement, gas pressure regulation station measurement, energy management, and other various non-corrosive gas measurement or flow control and other occasions.

《爆炸性气体环境用电气设备第1: This product has been approved by the National Explosion-proof Product Quality Inspection Department according to GB3836-2000 "Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environments Part 1 :
《爆炸性气体环境用电气设备第2部分:隔爆型“d” 》和GB3836.4-2000 《爆炸性气体环境用电气设备第4部分:本质安全型“i” 》标准检验合格,防爆标志为ExdIIBT4 (隔爆型) ,ExdIIBT4, ExiaIICT4, (本安型)。 General Requirements ", GB3836.2-2000 " Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environments Part 2 : Flameproof Type "d" "and GB3836.4-2000 " Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environments Part 4 : Intrinsically Safe "i" 》 The standard inspection is qualified, and the explosion-proof marks are ExdIIBT4 (explosion-proof type) , ExdIIBT4, ExiaIICT4, ( intrinsically safe type). 类T1~T2温度组别爆炸性气体混合物的0 (仅本安型) 1.2区危险场所. Applicable to hazardous areas in Zone 1.2 (only intrinsically safe type) containing explosive gas mixtures of temperature groups T1 ~ T2 of IIA, IIB, IIC
Second, the main features
标准的技术要求,表体长度为3DNDN为流量计口径),并经高、 Meet the technical requirements of GB / T18940-2003 standard, the length of the meter body is 3DN ( DN is the diameter of the flowmeter),
Low level disturbance test;
)的气体体积累积量; It can detect the temperature, pressure and flow of the measured gas, can perform automatic flow tracking compensation and compression factor correction, and display the cumulative gas volume under standard conditions ( Pb = 101.325KPa, Tb = 293.15K );
,重复性好,精度高(可达1.0级),压力损失小,起始流量低; Wide flow range ( Qmin / Qmax = 20: 1) , good repeatability, high accuracy (up to 1.0 level), small pressure loss, and low initial flow;
With eight-segment meter coefficient setting and automatic correction function;
,下游无要求); Special integrated rectifier is adopted, which has low requirements for the installation of front and rear straight pipe sections of the flowmeter (previously ≥ 2DN , no downstream requirements)
Built-in pressure and temperature sensors, high safety performance, compact structure and beautiful appearance;
屏上; The pressure and temperature sensors can be diagnosed by themselves and displayed directly on the LCD screen;
卡管理系统的配套使用; One lithium battery can be used continuously for more than five years, and has two-level alarm output function for battery undervoltage, which is more suitable for supporting the use with IC card management system;
),使流量计在各种安装条件下的读数更方便,更直接; The intelligent flow totalizer can be positioned at any angle (the rotation angle is 350 ° ), making the reading of the flowmeter more convenient and direct under various installation conditions;
Unique time display and real-time data storage function, no matter what the situation, can ensure that the internal data will not be lost and saved;
通讯接口功能,并配备功能强大,界面丰富的数据管理软件系统,可打印各自动生成的图表; The meter has the RS-485 communication interface function , and is equipped with a powerful and rich interface data management software system , which can print each automatically generated chart ;
BT6Gb,防护等级IP65 The instrument has explosion-proof and protection functions, the explosion-proof mark is ExdBT6Gb, protection grade IP65
可提供压力,温度定值设置之功能,特别适用于介力,温度相对稳定的场合 According to the user's requirements , it can provide the function of setting the pressure and temperature.It is especially suitable for occasions where the dielectric force and the temperature are relatively stable.
Third, the technical performance indicators

标准与认证 3.1 Standards and certifications
国家标准; National standard GB / T18940-2003 ;
欧共体标准; Meets the prEN 12261 European Community standard;
《涡轮流量计检定规程》。 Implementation of JJG1037-2008 "Turbo Flowmeter Verification Regulations".
精度等级 3.2 accuracy level
±1.5% (即精度为1.0级或1.5级),当最小流量小于0.2Qmax时,在Qmin0.2Qmax范围内的大允许误差分别为±2.0%±3.0% 。 All flowmeters have a large allowable error of ± 1.0% or ± 1.5% (that is, accuracy class 1.0 or 1.5 ) within the specified flow range. When the minimum flow rate is less than 0.2Qmax , it is within the range of Qmin to 0.2Qmax . The large allowable errors are ± 2.0% or ± 3.0%, respectively .
使用条件 3.3 Conditions of use
℃~ +60 ℃; Ambient temperature: -30 ℃ ~ +60 ℃;
℃~ +80 ℃; Medium temperature: -30 ℃ ~ +80 ℃;
106KPa ; Atmospheric pressure: 86KPa106KPa ;
95% Relative humidity: 5% to 95%
机械性能指标 3.4 Mechanical performance index
的型号规格及基本参数(表13.4.1 Model specifications and basic parameters of natural gas flow meters (Table 1 )

type   number

Nominal diameter
DN (mm)

Starting flow
(m3 / h)

Flow range
(m3 / h)

Pressure Level
MPa ( MPa )


quasi-   Indeed   degree
) ( Level )




25 2.5 25

1.6 ;

2.5 ;


  stainless steel

1.0 级时,允许误差为: When the accuracy is 1.0 , the allowable error is:
0.2Qmax:±2% Qmin 0.2Qmax: ± 2%
Qmax:±1% 0.2Qmax Qmax: ± 1%

1.5 级时,允许误差为: When the accuracy is 1.5 , the allowable error is:
0.2Qmax:±3.0% Qmin 0.2Qmax: ± 3.0%
Qmax:±1.5% 0.2Qmax Qmax: ± 1.5%



50 5 to 50




50 4 to 50



65 6 65




65 4 65



100 10 100



250 13 250



400 20 400

DC-LWQ -100A


400 20 400

DC-LWQ -100N


650 32 650

DC-LWQ -150A



650 32 650

DC-LWQ -150B


1000 50 1000

DC-LWQ -150N


1600 80 1600

DC-LWQ -200A



1000 50 1000

1.6 ;


  stainless steel

DC-LWQ -200B


1600 80 1600

DC-LWQ -200N


2500 125 2500

) (Table 1 )

表中所列的流量范围为产品出厂检定时的流量范围(常温、常压下ρ=1.205kg/m3 ); Note: The flow range listed in the table is the flow range at the time of factory inspection (normal temperature and pressure ρ = 1.205kg / m3 );
随着压力的增大,流量范围也随之扩大; As the pressure increases, the flow range also expands;
KD分别代表同一口径时较小、中等、较大的流量范围; ③ C , K , D respectively represent smaller, medium and larger flow ranges for the same caliber;
未特殊说明,产品均按1.5级出厂; Unless otherwise specified , the products are delivered at level 1.5 ;

其他流量范围,请在订货时说明; ⑤ For other flow ranges , please specify when ordering;

流量计典型特性曲线 3.4.2 Typical characteristic curve of flowmeter
所示,垂直轴代表基本误差,水平轴代表流量的百分数 The typical characteristic curve of the flow meter is shown in Figure 1. The vertical axis represents the basic error, and the horizontal axis represents the percentage of flow.

In order to better serve you, please carefully select the product that suits your specific needs according to your actual situation. After you understand the basic attributes of our products, you can correctly select the instrument according to the design requirements and site conditions and order according to the complete product specification code.

When you fail to select the appropriate instrument according to the design and use requirements, please ask questions and requirements. Our professionals will assist you in selecting or designing and manufacturing special products for you. Please provide at least the following information: working pressure, working temperature, Media name, material requirements, etc. 技术咨询广州迪川仪器仪表有限公司 Consultation on gas flowmeter technology

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