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Liquid turbine flowmeter, high precision turbine flowmeter for pure water

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I. Overview

是广州迪川仪器仪表有限公司本厂采用国外先进技术生产制造的,是液体计量最理想的流量计之一。 The intelligent turbine flowmeter is manufactured by Guangzhou Dichuan Instrument Co., Ltd. using advanced foreign technology. It is one of the most ideal flowmeters for liquid measurement. It has the characteristics of simple structure, high accuracy, convenient installation and maintenance. This product is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, water supply, papermaking, environmental protection, food and other fields. It can reliably measure the volume flow of liquids such as water, pure water, tap water, sewage without impurities, diesel, gasoline and crude oil with low viscosity. Used in conjunction with a display instrument with a quantitative function, which can be used for automatic quantitative control, upper and lower limit alarms, etc. http://tsxinhua.com

Application areas:
Applicable to the measurement of various clean media, not for gas measurement.
、± 0.5%R ,高精度型可达± 0.2%R ; High accuracy, generally up to ± 1% R , ± 0.5% R , high precision type can reach ± 0.2% R ;
正是由于具有良好的重复性,如经常校准或在线校准可得到极高的精确度,在贸易结算中是优先选用的流量计; Good repeatability, short-term repeatability can reach 0.05% ~ 0.2%, it is precisely because of good repeatability, such as regular calibration or online calibration can get very high accuracy, is the preferred flowmeter in trade settlement;
Output pulse frequency signal, suitable for total measurement and connection with computer, no zero drift, strong anti-interference ability;
),信号分辨力强; Can get very high frequency signal ( 3 ~ 4kHz ), strong signal resolution;
,小口径为1:10 ; Wide range, medium and large caliber up to 1:20 , small caliber up to 1:10 ;
Suitable for high pressure measurement, no need to make holes in the meter body, easy to be made into high voltage instruments;
There are many types of special-purpose sensors, which can be designed as various types of special-purpose sensors according to the special needs of users, such as low-temperature type, two-way type, downhole type, and sand mixing type
Can be made into a plug-in type, suitable for large-caliber measurement, small pressure loss, low price, can be continuously removed, convenient installation and maintenance.

Product Features of Turbine Flowmeter:

1 . The sensor is a carbide bearing thrust type, which not only guarantees accuracy, but also improves wear resistance.

2 . The structure is simple, firm and easy to disassemble.

3 . Wide measurement range and low lower flow rate.

4 . Low pressure loss, good repeatability and high accuracy.

5 . Has high resistance to electromagnetic interference and anti-vibration.

Working principle of turbine flowmeter:

The fluid flows through the sensor housing. Because the blade of the impeller has a certain angle with the flow direction, the impulse of the fluid causes the blade to have a rotating moment. After the friction torque and the fluid resistance are overcome, the blade rotates. After the torque is balanced, the speed is stable. Under certain conditions, The rotation speed is proportional to the flow velocity. Because the blade is magnetically permeable, it is in the magnetic field of a signal detector (consisting of permanent magnetic steel and a coil). The rotating blade cuts the magnetic field lines and periodically changes the magnetic flux of the coil, so that the coil ends. Induction

Pulse signal. This signal is amplified and shaped by the amplifier to form a continuous rectangular pulse wave with a certain amplitude, which can be transmitted to a display instrument remotely, showing the instantaneous flow rate and cumulative amount of the fluid. 与流经传感器的流体的瞬时流量Q成正比,流量方程为: In a certain flow range, the pulse frequency f is proportional to the instantaneous flow Q of the fluid flowing through the sensor, and the flow equation is:

In the formula:

——脉冲频率[Hz]f —— pulse frequency [Hz] ;

——传感器的仪表系数[1/m3] ,由校验单给出。 k ——the meter coefficient [1 / m3] of the sensor, given by the checklist. 为单位 If [1 / L] is the unit

——流体的瞬时流量(工作状态下) [m3/h]Q -the instantaneous flow of the fluid (in the working state) [m3 / h] ;

——换算系数。 3600 -Conversion factor.

  值设入配套的显示仪表中,便可显示出瞬时流量和累积总量。 The instrument coefficient of each sensor is filled in the verification certificate by the manufacturer, and the value of k is set in the supporting display instrument to display the instantaneous flow rate and the cumulative total.

four. Main technical performance:

公称通径:( 4200mmDN-200以上选用插入式; 1. Nominal diameter: ( 4 ~ 200 ) mm , plug-in type for DN-200 and above;

介质温度:常温型( -2080 )℃、高温型( -20150 )℃; 2. Medium temperature: normal temperature type ( -2080 ) ℃, high temperature type ( -20150 ) ℃;

环境温度:( -2055 )℃; 3. Ambient temperature: ( -20 ~ 55 ) ° C;

准确度:± 0.5% 、± 1 %; 4. Accuracy: ± 0.5% , ± 1 %;

检出器信号传输线制:三线制电压脉冲(三芯屏蔽电缆); 5. Detector signal transmission line system: three-wire voltage pulse (three-core shielded cable);

供电电源:电压: 12V ± 0.144V,电流:≤ 10mA6. Power supply: voltage: 12V ± 0.144V, current: ≤ 10mA ;

输出电压幅值:高电平≥ 8V ,低电平≤ 0.8V7. Output voltage amplitude: high level ≥ 8V , low level ≤ 0.8V ;

脉冲输出型:传感器至显示仪表的距离可达250米; 8.Pulse output type: The distance from the sensor to the display instrument can reach 250 meters;

20mA输出型:变送器至显示仪表的距离可达500米; 9.420mA output type: The distance from the transmitter to the display instrument can reach 500 meters;

现场显示型供电电源: 3V (锂电池供电,可连续使用3年); 10. On-site display power supply: 3V (powered by lithium battery, can be used continuously for 3 years);

显示方式:现场液晶显示瞬时流量和累计流量; 10. Display mode: On-site LCD displays instantaneous flow and accumulated flow;

现场显示带信号输出供电电源: 24V420mA两线制电流输出,远传距离500米,可加装RS485通讯功能。 11. On-site display power supply with signal output: 24V ; 4 to 20mA two-wire current output, remote transmission distance of 500 meters, RS485 communication function can be added

流量表一 Four : flow meter one









Normal flow range

m3 / h

0.25 0.04 0.25

Extended traffic range

m3 / h

0.4 0.04 to 0.4





0.6 0.1 0.6

0.6 0.06 to 0.6





1.2 0.2 1.2

1.5 0.15 to 1.5





6 0.6 6

8 0.4 8





8 0.8 to 8

9 0.45 9





10 1 to 10

10 0.5 10





15 1.5 15

15 0.75 to 15





20 2 to 20

20 1 to 20





40 4 to 40

40 2 to 40





70 7 to 70

70 3.5 70





100 10 100

100 5 to 100





200 20 200

200 10 200





250 25 250

250 12.5 250





300 30 300

300 15 300





800 80 800

800 40 800


DN10 管径的传感器为螺纹连接,配有前后直管段和过滤器 , 最大压力为 6.3MPa The DN4 to DN10 pipe diameter sensors are threaded, equipped with front and rear straight pipe sections and filters, and the maximum pressure is 6.3MPa .

DN40 管径标配为螺纹连接,压力为 2.5MPa DN15 to DN40 pipe diameters are equipped with screw connections as standard, and the pressure is 2.5MPa . 32MPa The maximum pressure is 32MPa .

DN200 管径的传感器为法兰连接 , 压力为 1.6MPa ,高压需定制。 The DN50 to DN200 pipe diameter sensors are flange-connected and the pressure is 1.6MPa . High pressure needs to be customized.

DN40 管径如需法兰连接,可定做。 DN4 ~ DN40 pipe diameter can be customized for flange connection. DN-80 可定制卫生型卡箍式连接。 DN-15 DN-80 can be customized sanitary clamp connection.

Five, use

  During use, the measured liquid should be kept clean and free of impurities such as fibers and particles.

  When the sensor is used, the sensor should be slowly filled with liquid before opening the outlet valve (the valve should be installed at the back of the flowmeter). It is forbidden to be impacted by high-speed fluid when the sensor is in a liquid-free state, otherwise the impeller may be damaged. (This item is very important)

  The maintenance period of the sensor is generally half a year. When cleaning, please be careful not to damage the parts in the measuring cavity, especially the impeller. Please pay attention to the positional relationship between the guide and the impeller during assembly.

  When the sensor is not in use, the internal liquid should be cleaned. After drying, add protective covers on both ends of the sensor to prevent dirt from entering, and then store it in a dry place. (This item is very important)

  The matched filter should be cleaned regularly, and the internal liquid should be cleaned when not in use. Like the sensor, add a dust cover and store it in a dry place.

  The sensor's transmission cable can be laid overhead or buried (should be covered with iron pipes when buried).

  Before installing the sensor, connect it to the display instrument or oscilloscope first, connect the power supply, blow with the mouth or dial the impeller, make it rotate quickly to observe whether there is display, and then install the sensor when there is a display. If there is no display, you should check the relevant parts and troubleshoot.

Introduction of analog turbine flow sensor:

本身不具备现场显示功能,仅将流量信号以三线制电压脉冲的形式远传输出。 The turbine flow sensor itself has no on-site display function, and only transmits the flow signal in the form of a three-wire voltage pulse. 或+24VDC ,远传距离250m 。 Power supply + 12VDC or + 24VDC , long distance transmission distance 250m . The meter is low in price, high in integration, and small in size, and is especially suitable for use with secondary display instruments, quantitative control, and computer control systems.   

Nine, introduction of intelligent turbine flowmeter:

,是在涡轮流量传感器的基础上,增加了电池供电的现场LCD显示表头。 The intelligent turbine flowmeter is based on the turbine flow sensor and adds a battery-powered on-site LCD display meter. The display meter is developed using advanced ultra-low-power single-chip microcomputer technology, and the sensor and display meter form an integrated turbine flow meter. Compared with the traditional measurement system consisting of a turbine flow sensor and a secondary instrument, it has the obvious advantages of small size, light weight, intuitive and clear display readings, and high reliability. 位液晶显示,自动切换显示瞬时流量和累计流量。 Meter display single row 7 -digit liquid crystal display, automatic switching display instantaneous flow and cumulative flow. 年以上,掉电保护仪表系数、累计流量值保持十年不丢。 It can also display the instantaneous flow or accumulated flow separately, and low power consumption: a lithium battery can be used continuously for more than 3 years, and the power loss protection meter coefficient and accumulated flow value are maintained for ten years. An external one-button clearing device can also be installed.

Seven, a variety of output turbine flowmeter introduction:

两线制电流变送功能,该仪表需要24VDC供电,即可现场显示又可远传输出,特别适合于与显示仪、工控机、 DCS等计算机控制系统配合使用。 The intelligent turbine flow sensor is based on the integrated intelligent turbine flowmeter, which adds a 4 to 20mA two-wire current transmission function. The instrument requires 24VDC power supply, which can be displayed on the site and transmitted remotely. It is especially suitable for display Instrument, industrial computer, DCS and other computer control systems. An external one-button clearing device can also be installed.

Introduction to flameproof turbo flow transmitter:

20mA电流的形式远传输出,外供电+24VDC ,远传距离500m 。 The turbine flow transmitter itself does not have the on-site display function. It only transmits the flow signal in the form of a two-wire 4 to 20 mA current.

The reason for using the current signal is that it is not easily disturbed. In addition, the internal resistance of the current source is infinite, and the resistance of the wire in series in the loop does not affect the accuracy. It can transmit hundreds of meters on ordinary twisted pair wires. 是因为防爆的要求: 20mA的电流通断引起的火花能量不足以引燃瓦斯。 The upper limit of 20 mA is due to the requirements of explosion protection: the spark energy caused by the 20 mA current on and off is not enough to ignite the gas. 的原因是为了能检测断线:正常工作时不会低于4mA ,当传输线因故障断路,环路电流降为0 。 The reason why the lower limit is not taken as 0mA is to be able to detect the disconnection: it will not be lower than 4mA during normal operation. When the transmission line is disconnected due to a fault, the loop current drops to 0 . 作为断线报警值。 Always take 2mA as the disconnection alarm value.

电流输出,必然要有外电源为其供电。 The current output type transmitter converts the physical quantity into a 4 ~ 20mA current output, which must be powered by an external power source. 根线,称之为四线制变送器。 The most typical is that the transmitter requires two power lines, plus two current output lines, a total of four wires are required, which is called a four-wire transmitter.

或者GND ),可节省一根线,称之为三线制变送器。 Of course, the current output can be shared with the power supply by a common line (common VCC or GND ), which saves one line, which is called a three-wire transmitter.

20mA电流本身就可以为变送器供电。 In fact, the 4 to 20 mA current can power the transmitter itself. 之间根据传感器输出而变化。 The transmitter is equivalent to a special load in the circuit. The special feature is that the power consumption of the transmitter varies between 4 and 20 mA according to the sensor output. The display meter only needs to be connected in the circuit. This transmitter requires only two external wires, so it is called a two-wire transmitter.

In industrial applications, the measurement points are generally on-site, while the display equipment or control equipment is generally located in the control room or control cabinet. The distance between the two may be tens to hundreds of meters. Calculated at a distance of one hundred meters, the elimination of two signal transmission wires means a cost reduction of nearly one hundred yuan! 而两线制变送器可使用非常便宜的的双绞线导线,因此在应用中两线制变送器必然是首选。 In addition, four-wire transmitters and three-wire transmitters must use expensive shielded wires due to the current asymmetry in the wires , while two-wire transmitters can use very cheap twisted-pair wires , so two wires are used in the application. Controlling the transmitter is definitely the first choice.

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